TwentyFifteen 05/20: Made in Singapore


In Made in Singapore, the fifth book for TWENTYFIFTEEN, Tay Kay Chin explores the life of the foreign workers who come to our little island in search of a better life.

Through the journey of Salim, a construction worker who came to Singapore from Bangladesh almost 18 years ago, the Platform co-founder attempts to answer a questions: What did they leave behind? Who did they leave behind? What did they sacrifice? What brought them here?

The founders of Platform – Tay Kay Chin, Darren Soh, Ernest Goh and Leonard Goh – initiated TWENTYFIFTEEN to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence. 20 photographers have been chosen to create 15 images each, with a folio published for each photographer in the months leading up to August 9, 2015. 

BY Tay Kay Chin
COUNTRY Singapore
YEAR 2015
DETAILS  38 cm x 28 cm; 36pp