Exactly Foundation – I Remember It All by Seelan Palay


Seelan Palay expresses his fascination with his family’s treasure trove of photographs predating the era of digital photography and their ability to trigger memories of his past lived experiences. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the way “things were”: all of these come to the surface much more vividly when he holds on to and looks at these photographs.

The keynote essay, Art as Resistance, is written by writer and civil society activist, Constance Singam. In the past 35 years, Constance has led women’s organizations, co-founded civil society groups, and has been a columnist for various national newspapers and publications. Her works include co-editing A History of the TWC: Building Social Space in Singapore, Re-Presenting Singapore Women and The Art of Advocacy in Singapore, as well as two memoirs – Where I was: A Memoir from the Margins and Never Leave Town without Chilli Sauce.

About Seelan Palay
Seelan Palay 
is a visual artist from Singapore whose practice focuses on the concerns and complex conditions found in our present-day, globalised society. Having studied fine art at LASALLE College of the Arts, he works with mixed media, installation, performance, film and sound. In 2018, he founded the independent art space Coda Culture.

About Exactly Foundation

Exactly Foundation is a not-for-profit, trademarked registered label established by Li Li Chung to commission photographers to create works that stimulate discussion of social concerns in Singapore. Its goal is to produce new knowledge by having viewers engage with the photographs and share them with friends and family over a 2-3 month period.

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BY Seelan Palay
YEAR 2019
DETAILS Paperback, sale-stitched, 2 sections bound by belly band, 66pp
21cm x 29.7cm

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