Hong Kong Market Cats


Hong Kong Market Cats takes us to areas of the city few will associate with caring relationships between humans and cats, but Marcel Heijnen’s photos reveal the truth. The cats he found lurking in markets are very much at home in their surroundings, and well taken care of. Valued for their ability to catch mice, they are also deeply appreciated for their companionship. Taking us to street markets, wet markets and event a wholesale market, Heijnen’s photos are a joy not only for cat lovers, but also for anyone interested in the less-known areas of Hong Kong. Alison Jean Lester’s delightful haiku are a purrfect compliment in their ability to make us pause and reflect on each scene.

About Marcel Heijnen

Marcel Heijnen is a visual artist, designer and musician. Originally from the Netherlands, Asia has been his home since 1992. Marcel’s creativity is driven by a general curiosity about life and its meaning. He currently uses photography as the main medium for his art, exploring its boundaries in a quest for beauty and expression that goes beyond realism, but gets perhaps a little closer to truth.

Over the past few years he has had solo exhibitions at Month of Photography Asia, Vue Privée and Galeri Utama. He has participated in numerous group shows and the Affordable Art Fairs in both Singapore and Hong Kong. He is represented by Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam and Blue Lotus Gallery in Hong Kong.

Marcel is a co-founder of both Chemistry – the design collective, and Artistry – the Gallery Cafe.


BY Marcel Heijnen
YEAR 2017
DETAILS Softcover
17 cm x 22.8 cm, 144pp
LANGUAGE English and Chinese

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