Golden Rabbit Badges


Wonderland produced in 2007 showcases 500 discarded or unwanted objects obtained from various places including flea markets and the salvation army.

The work raises the question of value as these objects were effectively transformed from their initial unwanted and junk status to objects enjoying the spotlight in a new lease of life.

As Wonderland is currently being exhibited at the National Gallery, the artist takes the opportunity to perpetuate the original idea by giving the items yet another new lease of life, this time as merchandise in the form of badges. By doing so, these items are now enjoying their 3rd life cycle, and this time round they are back in their original context as commercial goods.

Wonderland, commissioned by Wheelock Properties and acquired by the National Heritage Board, is currently on view at the National Gallery as part of the Living Pictures exhibition from 2 December 2022 till 20 August 2023.

About Chua Chye Teck

Chua Chye Teck employs both photography and sculpture to execute his ideas. He draws inspiration from things in the environment that catch his eye, transforming them from their original state to take on a different context as works of art. Chye Teck’s philosophy is in re-presenting them, offering a fresh way of looking at something we may already know. He recently launched his book Beyond Wilderness, produced as a grant recipient of the National Arts Council’s Creation Fund. Chye Teck has a BA in sculpture from RMIT and his works are collected or commissioned by public institutions and local museums.

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BY Chua Chye Teck
DETAILS 3cm in diameter

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