EMPTY NESTS by Atsuko Murano Abalos


While travelling around the Alsace region of France in the autumn of 2019, photographer Atsuko Murano Abalos was struck by the sight of empty nests left behind due to the migratory patterns of White Storks.

Empty Nests meditates on the concept of being “empty” as a “lack or absence of something expected”, and explores how bright and wonderful worlds may unfold in the space of absence.

About Atsuko Murano Abalos

Japanese photographer Atsuko Murano Abalos‘ works weave together motifs, subjects, places, historical and scientific facts, and her own personal experiences. To date, she has explored and photographed and produced photo books with concepts of drifting objects from the Japanese tsunami to the American west coast, the competition for the longest single-span suspension bridges between Great Britain and Japan, and the hidden Japanese geological phenomenon known as the Fossa Magna, to name a few.

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BY Atsuko Murano Abalos
TEXT BY Hiroshi Nakamura (Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP)
DETAILS 17.7 × 25.6 cm
52 Pages
Hard Cover binding, cloth
LANGUAGE English, Japanese
YEAR 2021

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