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A book of street photographs of daily life in Singapore by Marie Dailey. She portrays daily life as authentically as possible through unique snapshots that tell stories of individual people, but which are universal in their humanity.

About Marie Dailey

After studying journalism at the ESJ in Paris, and working as a museum guide at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Marie Dailey‘s career as a teacher in French schools abroad led her to travel, and discover new photographic horizons. Her childhood in Paris, as well as her time living in Taiwan, Indonesia, the United States of America and Singapore gave her many opportunities to develop her passion. Seeing Singapore evolve and modernise so rapidly since her arrival in 2006 has inspired her to strive to record traditional aspects of Singaporean culture Furthermore, the diverse nature and rich culture of this city-state inspired her to capture Singapore’s innumerable facets.

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BY Marie Dailey
YEAR 2020
DETAILS Softcover
26 cm x 22 cm, 140pp

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