a pocket dictionary of non-understanding


This publication was produced as part of an exhibition called Configurationsa site-specific installation centred around the idea of lingering, of being slow to disappear. The installation consists of various assemblages of found and readily available objects that seemingly obstruct the viewer’s movements, yet simultaneously invite the viewer into its web of a slow burning, strange and precarious gathering of objects. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, elements in the installation will be rearranged by the artist, rendering different permutations of the work on different days. The work is at once a tribute to the ecology of objects that are believed to be just as alive as we are, as well as a collapse of rational understanding.

About Genevieve Leong

Genevieve’s art practice attempts to visualise the intangible. Beginning with the immaterial, her work often combines text, image, found and made objects and the manipulation of space to create what she describes as “an almost physical image”. Her work seeks to shed new light onto her emotions, sensations, and realisations.

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BY Genevieve Leong
YEAR 2019
DETAILS Softcover

10.5 x 14.8 cm


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