PHOTOWALK: Changi Village

2h over 1 session

Course Description

In a part of Singapore perhaps best known for its world-class airport also lies idyllic Changi Village. Situated at the northern tip of Changi, this seafront area’s laidback feel today belies its pivotal role in the country’s history as a site of both leisure and loss in the pre-independence days. Despite the ups and downs it has borne witness to, and multiple rounds of redevelopment since, Changi Village retains a unique, charming flavour compared to the thick of the city. 

Join artist Amrita Chandradas for a leisurely guided photowalk through Changi Village on a balmy Saturday afternoon. Explore the famous Changi Village Hawker Centre and its bustling stalls, cozy waterfront establishments from cafes to breweries, places of worship like Sree Ramar Temple and Maranatha Bible Presbyterian Church and storied establishments such as the Civil Service Club, Changi Sailing Club, and Changi Beach Club. 

Best of all, enjoy the coastal walking trails that offer close-up views of local flora and fauna, bustling bumboats and elegant yachts, and look out to Singapore’s offshore islands. Take in the distinct scent of the seabreeze and the sounds of gently lapping waves while photographing a splendid sunset together.

Participants are to bring their own cameras they are comfortable with; smartphones are suitable too.

Workshop Fee

Amrita Chandradas (View Profile)

Next Dates
Sat 13 Aug 2022, 4pm to 6pm

Course Overview 

The class will meet at Changi Village (the exact meeting point will be communicated to participants prior to the workshop date) for a guided shoot focused on the following:

• Street photography
• Architecture photography
• Simple portraiture
• Simple tips to capture flora and fauna e.g. macro photography
• Shooting during the evening “golden hour”
• Shooting at sunset
• Review of images in group sharing session

The workshop will also dismiss from the Changi Village area.

Technical requirements
Participants are to bring their own cameras that they are comfortable with for this workshop. Smartphones are suitable as well. Tripods may be loaned from Objectifs, subject to availability.

Covid-19 Health & Safety Advisory and Measures
Please note this photowalk will take place offline, in Changi Village. The following measures will apply:

  • Participants to wear face masks should the group venture indoors.
  • In light of the recent rise in COVID-19 cases we seek your cooperation in informing us if: 1) you feel unwell or have a confirmed case of COVID-19 infection or 2) have come into contact with individuals or have household members who have tested positive for COVID-19, or who are currently serving Quarantine Order (QO) or Leave of Absence (LOA). We will contact you to make arrangements for your alternate participation in the workshop.

Please refer here for our full advisory on health and safety in light of Covid-19 and do not hesitate to contact us with further queries or concerns.

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