This week on #ObjectifsSupports, we feature the work of Lac Hoang (aka Phuong-Thao Hoang), a visual artist and editorial photographer from Hanoi, Vietnam, who works with photography, video and drawings on the formation of identity in public space and was the recipient of Objectifs’ reciprocal artist residency with Matca last year.

Lac spent Mar 2019 in Singapore for her residency and worked on Postcards from Singapore, a project about foreign domestic workers (FDWs) in Singapore and their relationship with public spaces. Her work takes on renewed significance in this moment which saw FDWs in Singapore required to spend their rest days indoors in their employers’ homes during the national Covid-19 “circuit-breaker”. The circumstances under which FDWs spend their rest time are still largely dictated by their employers.

Lac says:

With a camera in one hand and an eraser in the other, I investigate the boundary between the public and the private and how that both forms and fractures one’s identity. Appropriating digital media — found footage, photographs and stories — I archive humans’ responses to space, especially where the boundary blurs between publicity and privacy, labour and leisure, authorisation and reclamation of power.

From "Postcards from Singapore" by Lac Hoang



📷 Lac encourages those who are able to do so to donate to Transient Workers Count Too – TWC2, which kindly assisted her with her research during her residency, and which “has been very supportive towards the migrant workers community during the outbreak”:

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