Explore photography and film through hands-on short workshops!

Course Description
Join us for OBJECTIFS JUNIORS’ fun, hands-on workshops exploring different aspects of photography and film. Along the way, participants will learn about the possibilities of visual storytelling, make new friends and practise teamwork and problem-solving, and get to express themselves creatively and develop their unique voice!

These workshops are recommended for ages 5 to 12. No prior experience is required.

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WORKSHOP FEE: $60 / workshop. Sign up for the whole programme of five sessions and receive a discounted package price of $270 (usual price $300)!]

Sat 12 Feb, 10am to 12pm
Get started on your photography journey! In this introductory workshop, we’ll learn how to hold a digital camera and get familiar with its basic functions. We’ll explore basic composition techniques that will allow us to make more visually interesting images, and practise these new skills through fun games and challenges around Objectifs’ premises!
Sat 19 Feb, 10am to 12pm
Let’s head out for a photowalk and explore the vibrant Bras Basah.Bugis neighbourhood around Objectifs through our camera lens! We’ll practise basic composition techniques as well as teamwork and creative thinking as we work in groups to complete a “photo bingo” challenge. Then, we’ll select our favourite images to print out and turn into a unique take-home craft.
Sat 26 Feb, 10am to 12pm
The results of photos we shoot with a camera are affected by features like the amount of light entering the lens, and how fast the shutter clicks. Try your hand at achieving different kinds of images by exploring aperture and shutter speed through fun group activities like light painting, jump shots and even origami crafts.
Sat 5 Mar, 10am to 12pm
Have you been told off for making funny faces? Not in this workshop! We will look at different kinds of portraits — images of people’s faces — to understand how they capture someone’s unique spirit. Taking turns as stylists, photographers, lighting specialists and models, we’ll try our hand at shooting portraits of each other using mobile devices, simple lighting and fun props. 
Sat 19 Mar, 10am to 12pm

Food photography serves many useful functions: photos of delicious dishes whet our appetite; we proudly snap photos of our creations to document them; we send photos of memorable meals to others to share our experiences. In this workshop, we will explore basic concepts in light, shadows and colour theory, try our hand at food styling — the art of preparing food to be photographed — and, of course, shoot it. 

WORKSHOP FEE: $60 / workshop. Sign up for the whole programme of five sessions and receive a discounted package price of $270 (usual price $300)!]

Sat 12 Feb, 2pm to 4pm
Get started on your filmmaking journey! In this introductory workshop, we’ll learn about different roles in filmmaking, how to shoot using a mobile phone, and different types of shots, with reference to well-loved films and cartoons. We’ll then put our knowledge to the test through fun challenges around Objectifs’ premises, while also honing our teamwork and creative thinking!
Session 1: Sat 19 Feb, 2pm to 4pm – Character and Set Design
Session 2: Sat 26 Feb, 2pm to 4pm – Storyboarding and Claymation
This is a two-session workshop and attendance is required for both weeks. Workshop Fee: $120

Session 1: We may not be able to travel overseas right now, but we can use our imagination to go even further — right into outer space, where gravity-defying possibilities await us! Drawing inspiration from animated works and other visual narratives set in galaxies far, far away, we will learn from professional animators how to design original characters with unique features and the detailed worlds they come from. We will use recycled materials and plasticine creatively to create a set and character puppets for our claymation short films.

Session 2: With our characters, props and set prepared, it’s time to launch our mission! In the second session of this two-part workshop, we’ll learn about different types of shots and the effects they have, and create simple storyboards to visually map out the scenes we have in mind. Then, we’ll use a free stop-motion app on our mobile devices to shoot our claymation sequences, and end with a mini-screening of our works.

Session 1: Sat 5 Mar, 2pm to 4.30pm
Session 2: Sat 19 Mar, 2pm to 4.30pm
This is a two-session workshop and attendance is required for both weeks. Workshop Fee: $120

Session 1: YouTube offers each and every one of us an exciting platform to share our talents and thoughts with the world, a community of like-minded enthusiasts, or even just friends and family! In this workshop, we will draw inspiration from successful YouTubers’ videos and identify what makes their content relatable, inspiring, or popular. We will plan out how we can translate our hobbies, skills and interests into bite-size clips, and how we can transform a space within our home into an interesting backdrop with everyday objects. We will work in groups to shoot some footage in and around Objectifs’ premises, learning from our hands-on experience!

Session 2: Once we finish shooting our footage in groups, we will review it and put together our YouTube clips! We will edit our content using a free video editing mobile app, and learn how to create the finishing touches like titles, captions, credits, music and even simple animations. We’ll learn how to export our completed videos and upload them to YouTube, and will celebrate our progress with a mini-screening of our works and exchange ideas on how we can continue with our channels!

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