Curated by Dr Kyla McFarlane, curator-in-residence with The Art Incubator

Notes on Performance is an exhibition that gathers together a selection of objects, ephemera, documentation and relics relating to performance art practice in Singapore, or by Singaporean artists. The exhibition is presented by Melbourne-based curator/writer Kyla McFarlane who is in Singapore on a residency programme with The Art Incubator.

After spending time at the Independent Archive and Resource Centre and with Singapore’s visual arts community, McFarlane decided to embrace the partial knowledge gained from a curatorial residency by gathering historical and documentation material chosen by Singaporean performance artists and their community for the exhibition. The choices were often decided in a process of exchange, which culminates in an exhibition and also marks a starting point for further research for McFarlane post-residency.

Contributing artists include Lina Adams, Chua Chye Teck, Jeremy Hiah, Amanda Heng, Koh Nguang How, Sean Lee, Lee Wen, Elizabeth Lim, Loo Zihan, Angie Seah, and Jason Wee.

This local perspective will be shown alongside a recent series of photographs by Australian artist Ross Coulter called Audience. Shot in gallery spaces in Melbourne, these small, silver gelatin prints have the look and feel of documentation shots from 1970s performance art, but without any evidence of the performance. The project is a record of art-world spaces and faces, as well as an intriguing reflection on looking, and the nature of performance itself.

Notes on Performance is co-presented by The Art Incubator and Objectifs.

This Asialink Arts Residency Project is a collaboration between Asialink, the Victorian College of the Arts and The Art Incubator, and is supported by Arts Victoria and the National Arts Council, Singapore.

This exhibition is presented with the support of Simone Lourey and William Randall in Singapore.

About Dr Kyla McFarlane

A curator, writer and currently Associate Curator at Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia, Dr Kyla McFarlane is on a curator-in-residence with The Art Incubator’s between June – September 2014.

She was formerly Curator-Exhibitions at Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne and some of her recent curatorial projects include NEW14 at ACCA, Melbourne, 2014; at CCP: The Sievers Project, 2014; True Self: David Rosetzky Selected Works 2013; CCP Declares: On the Nature of Things 2012; and at Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne: A Different Temporality: Aspects of Australian Feminist Art Practice, 2011 and Photographer Unknown, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, 2009.

Originally from New Zealand, McFarlane has written extensively on contemporary visual art in Australia and New Zealand since 1996, with a particular emphasis on lens-based and feminist practice. In 2011 she was editor of volume 5 of un Magazine, an independent, Melbourne-based contemporary art publication. She holds a PhD in visual culture from Monash University, focusing on the relationship between contemporary photography, feminism and psychoanalysis.

About The Art Incubator

The Art Incubator was founded in 2008 and facilitates the research, creation and presentation of new work through residencies and exhibitions. It is a community-based organisation that emphasises interaction with other artists, curators and writers. We organise and host residencies in Singapore and have also partnered overseas arts organisations in various residency models. Artists are selected based on portfolio, submitted project proposal and recommendations. For more information: