Making Narrative Videos On Your Own

4 sessions + 1 online session / 16 hours total  

Multimedia videos offer a new way to tell compelling stories through moving and still images. Learn how to make these “new” videos, working as a one-man (woman) band to create brief, dramatic and visually interesting videos

Documentary photographer David H. Wells shares his experience creating successful editorial/narrative videos on his own, using basic equipment and simple editing software. He will take participants through the process of gathering video, ambient audio, brief on-location interviews, timelapse animations and still photographs. We will then use some simple but effective editing techniques to turn the content into videos of varying lengths. Finally, we will explore the myriad ways to use and then re-use those videos (or components thereof) in ways that will communicate your message and promote your skills/expertise.

Participants will also learn about the gear required for the audio and video capture, the software for organizing the material, the video software, ScreenFlow, used to make the final videos. The class will take the students through the inception, editorial discussions, and assignment details to capture, organizing and production.

This class is ideal for intermediate to advanced photographers and professionals who wish to incorporate multimedia into their work.


• Introduction and samples of multimedia videos
• Gear and planning
• Time-lapse imaging
• Planning your video
• Interviewing and video shoot of subject
• Location interview: production, audio and ambient sound
• Audio and video gear, lighting, tripods etc
• Refining the shoot
• Identifying missing gaps to the video
• Organising and editing assets (video, audio, stills, time-lapse media content)
• Editing your video
• Contracts, negotiating usage fees

Workshop fee:

Participants need to bring a DSLR for the workshop. Basic Photography proficiency is required.


7 Dec 2016 to 8 Feb 2017

David H. Wells (View Profile)

#1 7 Dec, Wed, 7pm – 10pm
#2 11 Dec, Sun, 9am – 1pm
#3 4 Feb, Sat, 1pm – 6pm
#4 8 Feb, Wed, 7pm – 10pm
+ 1 hour online feedback