Practical Image Editing

The Lightroom Workflow

Always wanted to learn more about editing and processing your images to enhance the look of your images? With easy-to use tools, Lightroom not only helps you to retouch and edit your photos, it is a powerful organisational tool to help you manage your digital files. In this workshop, participants will learn to process images and manage digital files more effectively with Lightroom.

Built around the same processing technology found in Adobe Photoshop’s Camera Raw, Lightroom offers a complete workflow solution for digital photographers and is a simple, intuitive and professional tool for organising, adjusting, retouching and outputting digital images.

This workshop is designed for photographers who are already comfortable shooting digitally and wish to take advantage of the powerful post production tools available with today’s computer technology. Students will be guided through the fundamentals of managing digital files, making adjustments in colour, curves, contrast and tonality. The hands-on class exercises will reinforce concepts, as we work on common problems such as improving tonal range in photos. Participants will also learn to customize, export and output your files using Lightroom’s versatile presentation tools which include prints, slideshows, web galleries, social media integration and book templates.

Instructor Tom White has been using Lightroom in his professional practice since it’s very first beta version. He has taught Lightroom courses to professional photographers and novices alike. Whatever your skill level and photographic ambitions, Lightroom can hep you get the most out of your photographs and will revolutionise your digital workflow.

Students will be able to use Objectifs iMacs however it is recommended to bring your own laptop and an external hard drive.

If you do not already have Lightroom installed, a fully featured 30 day trial version is available to download from Adobe for free.

A selection of DNG RAW files will be provided to allow students to follow along with the processes demonstrated.

Please note that this is an intensive session, and aims to cover a lot of ground in a short time. Extensive notes and resources will be provided upon completion.


Getting started
• What is Lightroom
• Lightroom Workflow Overview
• Setting up the Lightroom Catalog

The Library Module
• How to import and review images
• Organising your photos into folders
• Using Metadata & Keywords
• Using Collections to organise files

The Develop Module
• Working with RAW files
• Cropping and rotating images
• Applying colour and tonal adjustments
• Using the Graduated Filter and Adjustment Brush Tools
• Using the History panel & creating snapshots
• Creating Virtual Copies
• Converting to Black & White

Presentation and Exporting Files
• Exporting RAW files to Jpeg for Web and Print
• Print Module Overview
• Creating PDF and Movie Slideshows Overview

Summary and wrap up
• Backing up your photos
• Q & A

Workshop fee:  S$230



14 to 28 Jun 2018
This workshop comprises three sessions as follows, totalling 7.5h of instruction time.

#1 Thur 14 Jun, 7.30pm – 10pm
#2 Thur 21 Jun, 7.30pm – 10pm
#3 Thur 28 Jun, 7.30pm – 10pm

Tom White (Instructor Profile)

Students will be using the Lightroom software installed on Objectifs computers and do not need to purchase Lightroom as a requirement for the workshop. A free 30 day trial version of Lightroom can be downloaded direct from Adobe’s website for those wishing to ‘try before they buy’. Example files will be provided for students to work with during the hands on exercises but for the first day of class it is recommended that you bring a selection of your own digital files, either on a flash memory card or an Apple Macintosh compatible hard drive.