Let your kids' imagination run wild this June!


Course Description

Superhero Me’s signature holiday programme – Holiyay! – is back! In this collaboration with Objectifs, kids of all abilities are welcome to learn photography, filmmaking, and animation with our Creatives and Captains.

Join our workshops this June and let your child’s imagination run wild! It’s the perfect chance for them to make new friends, appreciate the diversity of people and ideas that are present all around, as well as express their creative flair.

No prior experience is needed; our workshops are designed for kids aged 6 to 12.

PaGLOW Picasso Workshop / $20

Sat 15 June 2024, 10.30am – 12pm

Deanna and Tong Wey

Celebrate our differences with rhythm and movement in the dark! PaGlow Picasso is a light painting workshop inspired by artist Gjon Mili’s photographs of Picasso’s light paintings. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create light paintings using a digital camera and light. Come join us in an experiment on a collaborative artwork inspired by the different ways we move!

No prior experience is required.
Suitable for ages 6 – 12 for children of all abilities.

About Deanna and Tong Wey
Deanna is a photographer and educator who experiments with light. Tong Wey is a neuroscientist turned counsellor who now looks at emotional connections between people. Through life’s serendipity, they are drawn towards the challenges of building bridges between the differently-abled and the more typically-abled people in our society.

As an arts educator for 18 years, Deanna started teaching photography to the neurodiverse from 2018. While it’s admittedly challenging, she always finds nuggets of surprises and satisfaction in the experience. Tong Wey has worked with neurodivergent children and adults for several years, both as a mentor and a counsellor.

Let’s make a phenakistiscope! Workshop / $20

Sat 22 June 2024, 10.30am – 12pm


Phenakistiscope?! What is that?
Join us in this workshop to learn more about this early animation device and create one for yourself!
In this workshop, participants will imagine and design their own animated character using simple illustration techniques – without an app! Learn how to create a simple walk cycle and with the phenakistiscope, watch it come to life! 

No prior experience is required.
Suitable for ages 6 – 12 for children of all abilities.

About Peng
Peng is an artist, illustrator, and animator. She makes art to document the world around her, hoping to share a sense of comfort and joy through her creations. Peng was part of GROW 2 and Superhero Me’s captain programme, where she worked closely with students from Rainbow Centre. She also taught animation and art at the Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore in 2023.

I Spy With My Little Eye… Workshop / $20

Sat 29 June 2024, 10.30am – 12pm

Jessica Heng

Be a creative explorer for a day and embark on a visual adventure! Through a neighbourhood walkabout, participants will capture different sights and sounds on handheld devices. With different missions to complete, this session encourages children to be curious about the sights in everyday life.

No prior experience is required
Suitable for ages 6 – 12 for children of all abilities.

About Jessica
Jessica is a filmmaker and multimedia creative interested in humanistic stories that harbour empathy. Having worked across a span of topics such as fostering, abortion, and special needs, she pursues socially conscious opportunities across a variety of mediums. She has partnered organisations such as Rainbow Centre, Epworth Community Services, Boys’ Town, THERIS and more. Her short films have screened locally at the Singapore International Film Festival and at regional festivals such as the Bali International Short Film Festival and Seoul International Women’s Film Festival.

Dabbling across various disciplines, Jessica has branched out into community-centric works that seek to uncover and collect a myriad of perspectives. She was the lead artist for Look Up, Slow Down, Pause Here (2023), an art walk collaboration between Singapore Art Museum and Rainbow Centre and Cabinet of Curiosities (2024), a performative-workshop for diverse abilities as part of Esplanade’s March On! festival.

She is also interested in the possibilities of the natural world prompting awe and wonder, and how diverse communities may embrace this notion.