A Solo Exhibition & Installation by Ore Huiying

© Ore Huiying

© Ore Huiying

We Are Farmers
We Are Farmers is a visual exploration of the history of farming in Singapore, using my family as a personal case. My family, farmers for several generations, have experienced many upheavals in our farming practice.

My great-grandfather started a coconut plantation in Yio Chu Kang in the 60s, with his 7 sons working alongside with him. When that area was slated for redevelopment in late 70s, they moved and started a pig farm in Punggol. I grew up there, where roughly 100 of my extended family lived and worked together. In the 80s, when the Singapore government phased out pig farming, my eldest uncle decided to venture into hydroponics farming.

Currently, 3 generations of my family continue to work on our hydroponics farm in Khatib. The project will examine the past and present memories through my family’s archival photos, which dates back to the 60s, and also new works created by me.

These visual evidences will be curated, contexturalized and finally presented in the form of compelling narratives. In addition to a print exhibition, there will be a greenhouse installation, where audience can witness the daily life on a farm through my photos, in the environment of a live, self-contained hydroponics growing system.

The objective of my project is to translate my personal experience into a collective one, and create a meaningful social community through our shared past. I choose stories as the expression for my project because I feel that narratives provide us with one of our most viable forms of identity- individually and as a community. By giving context and transforming random events in my personal family history into narratives/stories, I make them memorable and in the process, gain control of my memories- memories that the audience will be able to relate to.

About Ore Huiying
Ore Huiying is a documentary photographer from Singapore. Her practice revolves around storytelling. Working mostly on personal projects and editorial assignments, Ore’s works have been published in Le Monde newspaper, Courrier International, British Journal of Photography, Ojo de Pez magazine and BBC, amongst others.

Since 2008, Ore’s photographic works have been exhibited in photo festivals, museums and galleries regionally and internationally (Singapore Arts House, Dali International Photo Festival, Gallery Lichtblick Cologne, HOST Gallery London etc). She received one of the best portfolio prizes in 2008 during the inaugural Singapore International Photo Festival. The same year, the Singapore National Arts Council awarded her a Professional Development Grant in support of her work.

Ore was named one of the 10 Platform Emerging Photographers in Singapore 2010 and was selected to participate in the 1st Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase in Angkor Photo Festival. Last year, she was nominated for the Sagamihara Photo City’s Asia Prize (Japan) and received a Select Award in the Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award.

In 2010, she moved to United Kingdom and completed her Masters of Arts in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication. After 3 years of working and living in London, she returned to Singapore in 2013, as her photography is focused on investigating the progression of Southeast Asian societies in the global context.