An exhibition by photography collective 5ive Foot Way

10 – 24 Jan 2017

Days We Met is a photographic series from local collective 5ive Foot Way. It features work they’ve fervently shot, produced and edited, of the streets both in Singapore and abroad. It is striking, thought-provoking and a window into their undeniable love for the photographic process. They invite you to take a look.

Read our Objectifs Chat with the members of 5ive Foot Way.

Artist Talk

Join us for an artist talk by 5ive Foot Way on 18 Jan, Sat at 2pm. Open to public, free admission. Pre-register at

About 5ive Foot Way

5ive Foot Way is a group of friends and photographers that have come together to share, be inspired by, and critique one another’s works.

We study and discuss the works of those who have come before and those practicing now, in order to understand and continually improve our own photographic process for the future.

We strive to elevate our craft to great heights and produce a body of work worthy of Singapore and the world.

The collective includes Adam Abdul Rahim, Chia Aik Beng, Callan Tham, Donna Chiu and Tham Jing Wen.