Printmaking with found objects from nature

1 session (3h) 

Course Description
Cyanotypes are one of the oldest forms of printmaking, discovered in the 1840s. They have been used by scientists and architects for years to create “blueprints”.

Join us for a workshop led by artist and educator Shirly Koh, who uses cyanotype printing and natural materials in her art practice. Working with found materials like leaves, twigs and flowers, participants will be introduced to cyanotype printing and in making their very own works to take home, leave with both an appreciation for this tactile and hands-on analog photography process, and the serendipity of creating art from the varied textures and materials nature offers. 

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Shirly Koh (View Profile)

Next Dates
Sat 6 Feb 2021, 2pm to 5pm

Pre-requisites: None

Technical Requirements:
All materials will be provided for this workshop. As the workshop entails working with natural materials and found objects (like dry leaves, petals, etc.) and dyes, participants may like to dress accordingly.

[Phase 3] Covid-19 Health & Safety Advisory and Measures
Please note this photowalk will take place offline, at Objectifs. The following measures will apply:

  • Maximum class size of eight participants + one instructor
  • Participants to wear face masks throughout and to be seated at least 1m apart from each other
  • Instructors to wear face masks, or face shields are permitted while they are teaching and they must maintain a distance from the participants

Please refer here for our full advisory on health and safety in light of Covid-19 and do not hesitate to contact us with further queries or concerns.