Experience the intense and rewarding process that goes into a film production

4 sessions

Course Description 

This is a foundational workshop for film students, new filmmakers, and upcoming actors in Singapore who are looking to explore and enhance performance work for narrative films.

During this workshop, participants will get the opportunity to develop their knowledge on screen performance basics and be instilled with confidence to create meaningful performances from film scripts. Throughout the 4 sessions, participants will also experience the intense process of shooting and receiving coursework critique, which simulates the process of an actual film production.

This workshop is organised in collaboration with Fiction Shore.

Workshop Fee

Koo Chia Meng

Next Dates

Please email us at info@objectifs.com.sg to be notified of upcoming workshop dates.

Course Overview

Session 1
Introduction to Screen Performance (90 mins)
• Admin Introduction to the Workshop
• The Body and Voice (Actor’s canvas, Director’s brush)
• Observation and knowledge
• An actor’s FAQ: Technical information to know on set

Preparation for Shooting Exercise 1 (90 mins)
• Grouping and assignment
• Creating a monologue
• Camera rehearsal

• Viewing: Beach Rats
• Shooting exercise 1: Monologue
Session 2
Presentation (30 mins)
• Presentation of Monologues
• Evaluation and critique

The Actor and The Director (60 mins)
• Performance across different mediums (TV, stage, virtual etc.)
• Developing and focusing on strengths
• Building communication and working chemistry

Building Vocabulary (60 mins)
• Watching, reading, and articulating performance
• Styling, appearance, and mannerism
• Range and control
• Imagery and sense activation

Preparation for Shooting Exercise 2 (30 mins)
• Grouping and assignment
• Creating a critical moment for 2 actors
• Briefing of designated shooting areas for Shooting Exercise 2

• Viewing: Inside Llewyn Davis
• Preparation for Shooting Exercise 2: Critical Moment
Session 3
Shooting Exercise 2: Critical Moment (180 mins)
• Groups will execute the shooting according to script
• Filmmakers and actors will rehearse at filming area(s) of choice
• Detailed schedule will be planned based on groupings
• Instructor critique (for each group during filming session)

Finding Your Way (to Auditions) (60 mins)
• The script sides
• Understanding who ‘You’ are
• Preparation (or not)

Preparation for Shooting Exercise 3 (120 mins)
• Grouping and assignment
• Creating a Scene
• Rehearsal

• Viewing: Land of Mine
• Post-production for Shooting Exercise 2: Critical Moment
• Shooting Exercise 3: A Scene
Session 4
Presentation (60 mins)
• Presentation of Critical Moments
• Presentation of Scenes
• Evaluation and critique

Shooting Exercise 5 (120 mins)
• The Head Shot and Casting Shots
• The Self Introduction

Application Details
By submitting an application, it is understood that you are committed to attending all 4 sessions.

Submission materials required:
For individuals applying under Filmmaking, please submit the following
– Student ID Image, if available (State Course/Programme and expected year of graduation)
– Contact, CV and Showreel of works within the last 2 years (State your role in respective works)
– List of camera, other equipment and software skills you may have
– 60-second Self-Introduction Video (Name, Age, Why you want to join this Workshop)
– Attach 1 recent profile picture of yourself.

For individuals applying under Acting/Performance, please submit the following
– Student ID Image, if available (State Course/Programme and expected year of graduation)
– Contact, CV and Showreel of works within the last 2 years
– 60-second Self-Introduction Video (Name, Age, Why you want to join this Workshop)
– Attach 4 recent unedited photos of yourself. (Half-body Front/Left/Right + Full-body Front)

*All photo/video attachments should be in HD resolution or equivalent.
**Please put all your attachments into a google drive and submit the link in the application form

Selection process:
The final list of participants officially placed in the workshop will be announced before the workshop commences.

About the instructor
Trained as a filmmaker, Koo Chia Meng has been actively involved in various aspects of film production since 2009. He co-founded his production company Fiction Shore in 2013, and subsequently completed his Master of Fine Arts in Film Directing at the Taipei National University of the Arts in 2019. Some of his earlier short films were official selections at regional film festivals including Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival, ifva Hong Kong, Singapore International Film Festival, Singapore Shorts ’21 and Minikino Film Week.

Chia Meng was also Casting Director for Singaporean feature films such as Boo Junfeng’s ‘Apprentice’ (2016), Anthony Chen’s ‘Ilo Ilo’ (2013) and ‘Wet Season’ (2019), as well as He Shuming’s ‘Ajoomma’ (2022). Screen performance work remains a key area of focus for his company, and Chia Meng continuously conducts performance workshops with emerging filmmakers and actors as a way of contributing to the industry. Fiction Shore also proudly sponsored the Best Performance Award for the Southeast Asian Short Film Competition at the Singapore International Film Festival in 2022.

As Fiction Shore’s Creative Director, Chia Meng continues to develop content with collaborators and artists, for the film and theatre industries.

FAQ on our centre workshops
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