A beginner-friendly photography course delivered over 3 bite-sized morning sessions.

6h over 3 sessions

Course Description

Designed with the absolute beginner to photography in mind, Art of Seeing: Photography pares our long-running Basic Photography workshop down to the essentials in three bite-sized sessions which will be conducted in the morning, making it especially ideal for those who are pressed for time too.

Divided into ‘Theory’, ‘Practical’, and ‘Post-Production’ sessions, participants will get to learn basic manual camera functions and terminology before putting them to the test in a guided shoot along the colourful and bustling Waterloo Street next to Objectifs Centre. The course will wrap up with a session on Adobe Lightroom, where participants will get to try out the photo editing software on Objectifs’ iMacs.

If you’re deciding whether or not to pick up photography as a long-term hobby, this workshop is a perfect opportunity for you to find out!

Check out the Course Overview below for more information on each session.

Objectifs has limited camera sets for loan for this workshop. Please refer to Technical Requirements below for more information on rental.

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Workshop Fee

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Tom White
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Next Dates

1. Thu, 12 Oct, 9 – 11am
2. Thu, 19 Oct, 9 – 11am (Guided Shoot)
3. Thu, 26 Oct, 9 – 11am

Course Overview

• What makes a good image?
• Camera handling
• Aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure
• Rules of composition
Practical (Guided Outdoor Shoot)
• Revisiting manual functions
• Measuring exposure – metering
• Using composition to your advantage
• Guided field shoot along Waterloo Street
• Basic digital workflow
• Basic image editing

Technical Requirements
Participants are to bring their own DSLRs or a prosumer digital camera like the mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (MILC) for the workshop.

Objectifs also has limited sets of cameras for loan. Please email info@objectifs.com.sg after registration to let us know if you need to loan a camera set from us for the duration of the workshop. Please note that there is a deposit of $150 for each camera set rental. The deposit will be refunded upon sound return of the camera on the final day of the workshop.

What next?
Art of Seeing: Photography sets a strong foundation for other photography workshops at Objectifs. 

FAQ on our centre workshops
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