Recommended for ages 8 to 16, no prior experience needed 

What goes on behind the scenes to bring to life the animated films we enjoy and love? Join award-winning animators and educators Jerrold Chong and Jia Lee in exploring animation with our holiday camp! 

In these short weekend workshops, participants will learn about character design and try their hand at stop motion and claymation. Along the way, they’ll have opportunities to exercise their creativity and imagination and develop their storytelling skills. No prior experience is required and equipment and materials will be provided.

Design your very own cartoon character in this hands-on workshop. Participants will learn how to develop a well-rounded, interesting character and then create their character in the form of a cutout puppet that they can bring home with them.

Materials will be provided for this workshop.

Animation is about bringing characters to life. In this workshop, participants will learn about claymation (used in films like Chicken Run and the Wallace and Grommit series) and stop motion and will create their very own simple clip.

Participants who have completed Workshop A: Design a Character! can use their cutout puppet for this workshop. Characters will also be made available for those who have not completed Workshop A. 

Participants are encouraged to bring with them a USB drive so that they can take home a copy of their clip. Alternatively, it can be emailed to them.


How to register?

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Workshop Fees:
Design a Character!: $120

Stop Motion & Claymation: $120


Sat 17 Nov & Sun 18 Nov 2018

Jerrold Chong (view website) and Jia Lee (view website