Creating new immersive experiences

6 Sessions / 20.5 hrs

This introductory course is designed for anyone intent on gaining access to one of the most exciting and powerful communication tools today. Learn everything you need to know about creating new and original immersive experiences through 360 filmmaking.

Participants will learn about creative and technical aspects of making a short 360 film, from concept, to shooting, to post-production.  Through a mix of lectures and practical sessions, each participant will have the opportunity to work on their own short film from start to finish. 360 camera equipment and iMovie software will be provided. We will also discuss the potentials and applications of this new exciting tool, and how it can be used to meet your creative, personal, or professional goals.

Participants do not need to have filmmaking experience to join this workshop.


• Introduction to 360 filmmaking
Conceptualising a dramatic story in 360
• 360 camera practical
Camera handling, functions, in-class practice shoot
• Pre Production
Rehearsals (with 2 talents)
• Production
Full day film shoot and consultation
• Post Production
Introduction to iMovie and dramatic editing
• Post Production
Basic colour correction, mixing audio, and exporting

Workshop fee:








#1 – 16 Jun Thu, 730-10pm
#2 – 23 Jun Thu, 730-10pm
#3 – 30 Jun Thu, 730-10pm
#4 – 2 Jul Sat, 9am – 5pm
#5 – 7 Jul Thu, 730-10pm
#6 – 14 Jul Thu, 730-10pm

Lionel Chok