Using Light To Your Advantage

2 sessions / 8 hrs

Light enhances every aspect of a photograph when used well and thoughtfully.

During this workshop with documentary and travel photographer, Deanna Ng, participants will be given different exercises that will help understand how to use light effectively. Shooting during the ‘golden hour’ of sunrise and sunset to dusk, you will gain a better sensitivity to light and how you can incorporate it with other compositional tools.

Our first session will take us to the Marina Bay area, as we take note of how the late afternoon to evening light changes the architecture and space. Our second session brings us to Bedok Jetty, as we photograph people and landscape in the early morning light. We will discuss topics like shooting in changing light, metering, getting the right exposure, appreciating the quality of light as it interacts with subjects, learning to anticipate your shoots.



• Using natural light effectively in your image-making
• Technical considerations, getting the right exposure, placement of subjects and yourself
• Revisiting composition, the effects of ‘golden light’ on texture, pattern, form and other compositional elements
• Guided sunset shoot

• The early bird catches the worm! Being ready for morning light
• Positioning yourself for the right light
• Appreciating the quality and direction of light
• Using light to make strong portraits and landscape images

Workshop fee:



Basic photography or equivalent. Participants need to bring a DSLR and tripod.


29 Apr to 6 May 2017
Deanna Ng (profile)
#1    29 Apr, Sat, 4pm – 8pm
#2   6 May, Sat, 7am – 11am


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